An inside look into Lara’s thesis project as she get’s ready to graduate from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.
This project is on the research and development of soft sensors and circuitry while using handmade felt as a focused medium. 
Please stay tuned for the transference of all research and final sensors being developed. For now please visit the thesis page on Lara’s blog. Also, click on “thesis” under the CLASSES side bar for further exploration into the process.


Model: Lindsey Marcelle Case

Three sensors are encased in this large red button, two digitals and one analog

stretch sensor
Sensor consists of three separate stretch sensors, use each individually or in series as one.

stroke and pinch sensor
Five pressure sensors act as a stroke sensor, start from bottom of spike, as you pull up the resistance lessens. Or pinch along length of spike to obtain specific values.