Sarah Grant is a NYC + Berlin-based media artist and teacher. She has been a Research Fellow at the Tow Center for Journalism at Columbia, Adjunct Professor at NYU Polytechnic in Digital Media and an Impact Resident at the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center. Her interests are in systems, radio waves, computer networks, and sculpture. Sarah is the author of Subnodes, organizes the Radical Networks conference, and has run workshops all over the world teaching the basics of Internet technology. Together with her partner Danja, she runs a studio for commercial work called Cosmic.Berlin.


What is "The Cloud"? That thing which all of our lives are stored on, all of our devices phone home to whenever we open the laptop lid, switch on our mobile, or strap on our "smart watch"? For people who are not network engineers, it can be hard finding the entry point into understanding the Internet, and where and how to start breaking this black box down into its components.

As a teacher I am motivated to help with this process so that more people can understand how the Internet works and through that, gain a sense of control and empowerment versus blind participation.

As an artist, I like to think about network connections as raw material, something that can be sculpted and manipulated as though it were physical matter: As paint is the medium of the painter and clay of the sculptor, in my practice computer networks are the medium of the net artist.